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Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
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And I need to take a vacation.
The young veins new album "Take a vacation!" came out on the 8th of June. I promised myself that I would review the album based on the Music from the album not the whole thing that happened with panic at the disco.

The young veins is Ryan ross, Jon Walker, Andy Soukal, Nick Murray and Nick white.
We knew that the album would have a Beatles feel to it as the first song "Change" was quite Beatles sounding. I really like the song change but honestly I am quite disapointed with the rest of the album. I really do respect the young veins as artists but I really think that the whole beatles sound is old. Songs such as "Take a vacation!", "young veins(die tonight)" and Cape Town are just to similar in sound. I think that this album will grow on me just like the Panic at the disco's last album "Pretty. odd" that had a beatles feel to it grew on me and I enjoyed after about 15 listens.

So in the end, sorry boys but you really didnt do it for me this time. Maybe when you get bored of the Beatles sound and move on your music might be better. I do have faith in you The young veins.

Here is the song "Defiance" off the new album "Take a vacation".

So what do you think? Total hit or disappointment?


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By Blogger Sheray-Amy, at June 9, 2010 at 4:05 AM  

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