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Saturday, May 29, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
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And will you tell all your friends you got your gun to my head.
Taking back sunday is one of my favourite bands. They have had their issues with band members but every album they put out is just amazing. Its exiting to find out that TBS are writing and recording a new album as we speak. I am lucky enought to say that I have seen live. Taking back sunday have such a good stage presence. Adam Lazzara has this way on stage that just draws you in and you cant take your eyes off him.

Seeing as Taking back sunday are recording I thought I would share with you my 5 most favourite TBS songs.

Number 5. Money where my mouth is:

 This song is one of Taking back sunday's slow songs. The lyrics are nice and the music is soothing. It's a pretty song that is one of my favourites.

Number 4. Sink into me:

This song is catchy and clever and the lyrics stay in my head for hours. My mum in the car even sings the lyrics when the song is on. This simply little song has such a good music video that just got released a few weeks ago. The black goop that eats the band is cool and TBS are just a good stage band.

Number 3. Make damn sure:

This song is not just a good song but it also has a history. This was one of the first songs that helped the bond between Sheray and I grow. This was the first video that I saw of TBS. This video is one of the most amazing performance videos I have ever seen.

Number 2. Twenty Twenty surgery:

This is song gets me singing it every time I have it on. This song is just pure and catchy. The last lyrics of the song "your so sensitive I am I am a machine", I don't know why but those lyrics always seem to get stuck in my head. I also love this video alot too.

Number 1. Cute without the E:

I also had a heart attack when Taking back sunday played this song live. This song is my favourite song EVER. It's catchy and fun and clever and just perfect. The title of the song is just as clever as the lyrics and the video is also my favourite Taking back sunday video aswell.

So tell me what are you favourite Taking back sunday songs?


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