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Sunday, May 2, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
Time: 12:48 AM
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I know that I've been dancing around the truth.
The other day I was just cruising on the net when I came across a song called "Smelyalata" (yeah I am trying to figure out how to pronounce it too). This song is ridiculously catchy and I like to listen to it when something has gone wrong with my friends.

This song is by a band called "Nevershoutnever", but the band is really just one guy named Christofer who is only 19. Nevershoutnever really reminds me of Owl City, Kinda Indie with a bit of dance thrown in with beautiful lyrics that make no scence at all.

"Smelyalata" is quite a diverse song starting with accoustic guitar and a tambourine then getting a bit more of a faster feel as the song goes along. The lyrics are pretty and fit the music well. There is something about the music and lyrics that when you listen to it, it just you in a good mood and puts a smile on your face.

Right now I am still exploring the music of Nevershoutnever, why not join me and check them out?




By Blogger Sheray-Amy, at May 3, 2010 at 1:29 AM  

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