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Thursday, April 29, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
Time: 4:58 AM
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Careful kid, this is not your song.
Grunge music is a favourite style of mine. One of my favourite Australian grunge bands is Gyroscope. Gyroscope are from Perth and have relased music since 1997. I will admit I have not been a fan of Gyrscope untill there album "Breed Obsession" came out in 2008. "Snake skin" and "1981" off this album are 2 of my most favourite Gyroscope songs.

A few weeks ago gyroscope released a new album called Cohesion. This album is a little bit "heavier" than Breed Obsession, but is still is one of the best gyroscope albums I have heard.

Gyroscope has just released tickets to their upcoming 2010 tour. This is a very simple tour with only playing in clubs/pubs. But with $35 a ticket there is no way I am missing out of this concert!

On the 7th of May Gyroscope will be releasing a "Best of" album. There was a bit of an issue with this album becuase Gyroscopes record company "Warner music" planned the album, complied the set list and did a art work for the album without asking the actual band. The band found out about this "new album" when fans of their facebook page told them. I'm not sure why the company would do this with the band but personally i think its a shallow.

Check out the first single "Some of the places I know" off the new album.


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