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Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
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You swore that I would crash, that I would never last
Ok so i'f youre only going to really read one of my posts then this is the post to read.
A band that I have been into for a few years has released a new album. I don't usually say this but I love every song on this album.

The band: Kill Hannah. I'm pretty sure you are reading this and thinking to yourself who the fuck is Kill Hannah. Turst me, you are not the only one. Kill Hannah have been around since 1993 and their first album "The beauty in sinking ships" was released in 1996. They are extremely famous in Eourope and England and are quite well known in America. But for some reason. But for some reason in Australia Kill Hannah is the biggest band you have never heard of.

I really like Kill Hannah's sound. It's a mix of light punk and heavier rock with elements of a dance beat. There songs are really easy to listen to and they are a sence of brokenness that is not too "emo".

So the new Kill Hannah album ia called "Wake up the sleepers". This record has not been released in Australia but is through Itunes.

Some of my most favourite songs off the new album are:
Track 1. Radio: This song a perfect start of album song. The dance feel fits quite well with the edgy rock feel with catchy lyrics.
Track 4: Living in misery: This a typical rock band slow song. With an acoustic guitar and a slow melody this song is simply beautiful.
Track 6. Why I have my Grandma's sad eyes: This song has such an eerie feeling to it. The lyrics are gorgeous and together it makes a perfect song.

So basically this post is to spread the word about this amazing band that no one knows about. If you enjoy bands like AFI, 30 seconds to mars and My chemical romance than I think you might love Kill Hannah as much as I do.

So why not check them out?


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