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Monday, April 12, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
Time: 12:52 AM
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We were the kings and queens of promise
Well hello my name is Elissa and I have finally been persuaded by many of my friends to start a blog. I'm quite nervous about starting but to hell with it and ill give it a go. I'v decided that this blog will be focused on music news, gossip and amazing bands that i have recently found and old ones that I love.

So im starting off my new blog with a band called 30 seconds to mars. Last week it got released that 30 seconds to mars are touring Australia in July. After having a heart attack i got a group together and today when presales went out we got tickets.... and we are moshing!

30 seconds to mars is an amazing American rock band. The memebers include Tomo Milicevic (guitar), Shannon Leto (drums) and Jared Leto (guitar and vocals). If you seriously don't know who they are then i strongly suggest that you take a look at their stuff. It is simply breathtaking. Especially the songs From yesterday and Kings and Queens.

I am very exited that Jared, Shannon and Tomo have picked themsevles up off the ground after a shocker of a few years when Matt Wachter who played bass in 30 seconds to mars suddenly left the band and joined Angles and Airwaves in 2007, then in 2008 Virgin Records filed a $30 million lawsuit, claiming the band refused to deliver three albums as required by its contract. According to the lawsuit, the band "repudiated" a 1999 contract in July.

So now im going to have to dig out my 30 seconds to mars albums and get ready for the awesomeness that is going to happen on the 28th of July 2010!

So everyone tell me what is your favourite 30 seconds to mars song, album or favourite member of the band?


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