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Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
Time: 12:25 AM
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And if we die, we die together.
On the 17th of May the song for the new twilight movie "Eclipse" came out. Some famous bands have been chosen to do the Twilight song with "Decode" by Paramore for the Twilight movie, "Meet me on the equinox" by Death cab or cutie for the New moon movie and now the newest member to the twilight family is Muse with "Neutron star collision(love is forever)"

I think that this song is a typical Muse song, absolutely beautiful and dramatic with a cute little guitar solo.
I don't care If i hate twilight I think this song is amazing. Definitely one to download soon.

So check it out, even if you hate Twilight maybe you will love the song just as much as I do?


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