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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
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And even when your hope is gone.
We all have albums that we grew up with, albums that helped us through things when we were younger but still have the same affect when we slowly make our transission into adulthood. For me and I'm sure a few of my friends it has been the sencond album from the American rock band The All American Rejects "Move Along". I remember listening to this when I was 15 and relating myself to the lyrics and as I think about it I think I still relate to it.

This is my favourite The All American Rejects album. "Move Along" has beautiful meaningful lyrics that I think everyone can relate to.

"Dirty Little secrets" is such a catchy song. The video is quite clever and I remember belting it out at highschool with my friends. We can all relate to this song. We all have a secret that we are too scared to tell anyone.

"It ends tonight" is a song that I think I have related to ever since I heard this song. I think its a song about how things happen and we hurt people and people hurt you, sometimes we just have to figure out if its worth it who hurts us. "It ends tonight" is one of my main listens recently and the video is just beautiful.

"Move along" is my favorite All American Reject song. This song is such a "going from kid to adult song". I really think that the lyrics speak for themselves. "When all you got to keep you strong move along, move along like i know you do".

I think everyone has an album that helps then go from youth to young adult to adult. Iv shared mine with you. Whats yours?




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