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Thursday, July 29, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
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this is war.
Last night 30seoncds to mars played at Festival Hall in Melbourne. It was such a good venue for this band as the audience were close enough to feel involved with the band. 30 seconds to mars were absolutely fabulous performing last night. They played a variety of songs ranging from songs from their latest album "This is war" to older classics. Jared, Shannon and Tomo had amazing stage presence and they made you watch them. The stage layout was cool with Shannon drums were on the side of the stage at the front rather than the back like the usual band setup. With strope lights, flashlights and white confetti the whole almost 2 hrs of concert was amazing. Jared Leto had complete contorl over the crowd with getting us to yell, scream and jump around, and even get the security people to jump aswell. Its really extra exiting that Jared Leto told the audience that 30 seconds to mars are coming back next year to play Soundwave 2011.

*Photos by: Cameron Stewart

My friends and I were in the mosh pit for 30 seonconds to mars. There is something special about mosh pits. Not only do you get to be a little bit closer but I believe that you get some sort of differant experience aswell. I am proud to say that I was in that mosh pit as everyone who was sqiushed and cramped and trying to get closer or just to breath were all looking out for each other. If someone fell or looked like they were introuble people always were helping if someone needed it. With such a rough pit Im glad that everyone was such a community and keeping everyone safe.

I would like to say a special thankyou to the random guy who helped me and my friends get to the front of the mosh. I can't even explain what or how you did it but you rock man! And a special thankyou to the group of guys who picked me up when I fell on the floor in the mosh and got me back to my friend, thankyou for making me safe!

So in the end 30 seconds to mars was amazing and moshing at their concert was amazing, im pretty sure we will be there in 2011 when they play at Soundwave, Will you?


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