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Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
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Talk dont change a thing.
Glastonbury 2010 starts tomorrow (24th June). With an amazing 4 day line up how can you not be exited. Hopefully the weather will be alright and no one gets too wet or muddy. Some of the best English (and a few Australian bands) are playing.

As England is not that close to where I live I will not be going this year. maybe next year? So to get in the mood for the worlds biggest festival I thought I would count down my favourite 5 acts playing at Glastonbury this year.

Number 5: The Flaming lips.

This band is such a cool Indie band with beautiful lyrics. "Do you relise?" is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. The Flaming Lips are such a unique band, I would totally see them at Glastonbury this year.

Number 4: MGMT.

This dance duo are amazing at what they do. I have to admit that MGMT are a little strange with their music videos and their look. "Kids" is catchy and when it came out I always danced to it. Defiantly a band I would see at Glastonbury.

Number 3: The Temper Trap.

Its so exiting that this Aussie band is playing at such a huge event! The temper trap is one of my favorite Australian bands right now. I don't think there is a band out there like the temper trap. Their unique Indie sound is indescribable.

Number 2: Vampire weekend.

Im exited that this quirky Indie band are playing at Glastonbury this year. For a young band Im sure they are exited to play at such a historic festival. "Giving up the gun" is one of my favourite songs right now (still). Vampire weekend would have such a good strage presence it would be so exiting to see them live.

Number 1: Muse.

Muse are the biggest band in the world right now. Their music really speaks for itself, its really quite hard to describe. All I understand about Muse is that Matt, Chris and Dom are amazing and so talented. Hopefully one day I will see them live in their own country. 

So thats my favourite 5 acts of glastonbury this year, whats yours?


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