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Sunday, September 12, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
Time: 9:05 PM
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How am I suppose to choose, which one I belong to?
I set my friends on fire is a post hardcore band from America. They have 1 album "you cant spell slaughter without laughter" released in 2008.
ISMFOF first became famous when they released a remake of the famous soulja boy song in a hardore version on there myspace.

I set my friends on fire 2nd album was due to be released in July 2010 but after Nabil Moo left the band and some of the content was a little too inapropriate for release the album is still getting done and is due to release next year.

I really like ISMFOF, I really like how there songs are scremo then it changes to something that you can sing along too then back to screaming. ISMFOF is definitely a band that my parents just pretend that I dont like.

Enjoy "Things that rhyme with orange", which is my favourite I set my friends on fire song.

So dose post hardcore music scare you or something that you sing along too?


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