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Saturday, July 31, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
Time: 3:26 AM
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You and me could write a bad romance
Who would be the wierdest artists to do a duo together? If your answer was Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle then you are correct. As strange as it sounds Lady Gaga has approached Susan asking to do a colaboration. Apparantly this new song will be released around Christmas time. So maybe a Christmas song is in the works.

Whats my opinion? We all know that Lady Gaga is out of her mind most of the time and she is unique and I love her for that, but Susan Boyle? I have nothing against her but Gaga stay with Beyonce.

Whats your verdict? Maybe Gaga and Su will suprise us with something amazing? Lets just hope that if they do make a music video that Susan dose not follow Gaga's lead and dance around in studded undies!


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