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Saturday, August 14, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
Time: 9:27 AM
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I feel so alive.
Its almost 2:30am and my skin still has goosebumps. I think that may be a good sign that the concert I just came back from was amazing!

Basement birds are a band formed by famous people in other bands in Australia. They created an album and 1 month later they went on tour. Some really talented and famous people such as Kevin (who is Bob Evans) and Kav (the lead singer of Eskimo Joe).

Their concert was quite unique compared to the others I have been too. As this group and rushed things quite alot and have set such a fast pace for the group there was quite a clumsy free feeling about this conert, like not much was planned and whatever happened, happened. I thnik this was such a effective aproach. The whole concert that just went under an 1hr and 1/2 was laid back and fun and the audience was quite entertained being involved and dacing to the Indie folk tunes.

Overall this was really a once in a lifetime experience as the basment birds are only a short term idea as everyone in the band is only filling in time before they go back to being serious about their own projects.

An amazing but about the night was after the concert the 4 members did a signing for fans who were willing to line up. Not long after the concert the 4 guys strutted out and sat down at a table waiting for us to give them something to sign. I almost died after Kav (who sings in my favourite band) signed my tshirt (that was eskimo joe) and my concert ticket and then after loosing my mind it was over and I was happy that I got to meet an Idol and someone who I look up to and adore his music. It was also exiting to go with a friend who is just obsessed as I was.

So in the end I was one of those lucky fans whos dream came true.
What a perfect night.

Do you have any amazing concert stories?


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