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Thursday, August 12, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
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you smell of him, do we need to call the doctor?
If I said "Amy Meredith" youd say who?. But if I played you their second single "Lying" you would know who they are. This Australian "rock pop band" have had full coverage of their song though radio and TV. But It always has not been an easy road for Amy Meredith.

In 2007 Amy Meredith got signed, but they blew it when lead singer Christian Lo Russo heads of other comapines to a showcase. Their company found out and ditched them. But in late 2009 Amy Meredeth got signed again and produced their debut album "Restless".

Amy Meredith are touring Australia right now and are playing a show near you (if you live in Australia). And their 3rd single "young at heart" will be digitally released tomorrow (13th agust).

enjoy Amy Merediths most popular and most played song: Lying.

So what do you think? anoying song or a hit?


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