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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Posted by: Elissa
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you've always been mistreated
They say that music descibes what words alone can not. Have you ever been in that situation where you have had a fight with your parents, your not sure if you are being taken for granted or your just overreacting or someone that you know has died and you know how you feel but you cant descirbe it to anyone, but when you listen to a certain song you feel like that is exactly how you feel.

As things go along I always seem to be in this situation where Its hard to describe how I feel and it sometimes makes the situation worse. So im counting down my favourite songs that words can not explain.

Number 5: Title and registration by Death Cab For Cutie

This song is beautiful and I think this song represents that sometimes you have to let people go who dont want the best for you and sometimes you dont always feel the same way forever.

Number 4: Unwanted by Kill Hannah

Sometimes you might be screwed over by your friends or your family and you think that you cant handle anymore but sometimes all you need is yourself.

Number 3: Lets dance to joy division by The Wombats

Like the lyrics say "everything is going wrong but were so happyy"!. This is quite a stong statement and I think that it can be completely true.

Number 2: Folkin around by Panic At The Disco

This is beautiful, I think it can describe how you feel about anyone, a friend, a partner or your mum. I dont think I know any other song that can describe your feelings for someone like this song can.

Number 1: Dance the way I feel by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

This song I can describe myself everyday. Good or bad "well I just dance the way I feel".

So in the end I dont think we relise what music is to us, Music understands us and relates to us more than anything else.

So what do you think? have you ever felt where you could not figure out what to say or you didnt quite understand how to tell someone how you felt but a song did exactly that?


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